De LaSalle Academy students reach out with special video message

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For people who can’t communicate the way most of us do, there are other ways to express feelings and words. One Fort Myers woman’s shining example of staying “Gulfshore Strong” is sending a message of support that reaches people with special needs.

Rachel Goldenberg works with special needs students at De LaSalle Academy. Sign language is one of the many things she teaches.

“Through my experience of working with kids with disabilities, I’ve noticed there was a communication barrier and it’s a way they can express themselves even if they can’t use their voice,” she said.

“My goal is for the kids to be able to know that there are more communities that they can communicate with and the deaf community is such a big important community, too.”

To reach those communities, she taught the lyrics of “We Are the World” to her ASL learners, including Josiah Christy, and they even made a YouTube video.

“Ms. Goldenberg is the best teacher I’ve ever had,” Josiah said.

He signed the beginning of the video, a message to tell the world, “we’re in this together guys, we can get through this.”

Goldenberg ended with extra encouragement for her students.

“I wanted to just add a little reminder of what our normal is and that we’re gonna get back to it eventually,” she said. “To put a smile on their faces.”

The teacher feels “We Are the World” best fits the times we’re in and is thrilled to see her video already reaching people well outside of Southwest Florida.

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