Protesters of all ages in Collier County march for change, equality for all

Reporter: Nicole Gabe
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Peaceful protest in Naples (WINK News)

People of all ages and races taking part in protests have a powerful message.

Protesters in Collier County want to see a change, including 10-year-old Zoey Beaird.

“I would be with my grandma if I didn’t care about this, but I care about this. A lot. I’m even wearing a shirt that says it,” she said.

Organizer Aniya Wilson hopes that message gets across.

“I wanted to show that we are united here in Naples,” Wilson said.

Peaceful protest in Naples (WINK News)

“My sign is all about love — be kind and be nice to one another because that’s what we need to do,” Wilson said.

She believes a positive relationship between protesters and law enforcement is essential.

“They made sure that we were safe when we were crossing and it helped out a lot, so it definitely showed that we are united and the police stand with us and they want to protect the people here,” she said.

Collier Commissioner Penny Taylor looked on Wednesday as the group made their way through the streets of Naples in a show of support.

“I’m smiling and I’m proud of both the police who walked with them, who had a cart so that a younger protester could carry a sign,” Taylor said.

They hope peaceful protests will serve as a wakeup call for everyone.

“It broke my heart when I saw the guy just running for a morning walk or a run and these two guys just shot him to death, just because he was in the wrong neighborhood,” Zoey said, “and the cop killing a dad.”

“Now is the time to speak out. I would like everyone to just love each other and be kind, show love to your neighbors whether they’re white, black, Asian, Native American, gay, straight — just be kind to one another, show love,” Wilson said.

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