WINK Survey: What people are spending less on during the pandemic

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
Credit: WINK News.

The coronavirus is impacting the way we spend.

Almost 80% of participants who took a WINK News survey said they’re spending less.

We learned how a community member is making ends meet and the one change she’s making permanent Monday.

Brenda Golec is getting good by making things stretch.

“I’ve been better at shopping in my freezer,” Golec said. “It’s a practice that I’ve done over the years quite a bit, but I’ve gotten a lot better at it, really good at making things and taking leftovers and putting them in the freezer.”

Golec’s home thermostat sits at a higher temperature now, and she makes her own cleaning solutions.

“Normally, I would pick up a bottle of Clorox wipes and use them and be done,” Golec said.

Golec is an aesthetician at a resort, who has been out of work for months now.

“For the months of March and April, those are huge in the spa industry in particular,” Golec said. “You make probably at least a third of your money during those two months.”

And she’s not the only one cutting back.

In our survey, a majority of participants said they’ve cut spending money on clothing, take-out food and personal services. Saving apps were also among new things participants are trying as well as meal prepping. And 50% of survey participants said they’re spending more on groceries and cleaning supplies.

“You realize you can do without things,” Golec said. “You may realize there are substitutes for things that you have been doing.”

Dr. Shelton Weeks says, when we’re forced into new situations, we try new things. And if they work, we’ll likely stick to it.

Golec says, while she hopes that not all of her new habits are here to stay, reducing waste will be one of them that sticks around.

“I want to be less waste kind of person,” Golec said. “I think that it’s a good thing overall. We do recycle quite a bit, but I think these are good habits to maintain.”

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