‘Ridin With Biden’ caravans across Collier County

Reporter: Andryanna Sheppard Writer: Drew Hill
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People in Naples and across Southwest Florida organized ‘Ridin With Biden’ caravans to show their support for the Biden-Harris ticket and to emphasize the importance of voting.

“Let’s put them in the White House,” said Holly Schober of North Naples.

For most participants, it wasn’t only about getting Biden elected, it was about supporting all the Democrats running in local elections in 2020.

“I’m sick every day with what we currently have going on in the country and so I will do everything in my power to make that change come this election cycle across the board. Not just Biden for president but all the way down,” said Tina Ottman, another rally participant.

Hundreds of people filed down streets across Collier County on Sunday with Biden-Harris posters and red, white and blue streamers. All were calling for changes in the White House and across the country.

“I just think that who we have in the office now is not presidential. He doesn’t gather us all together and say ‘hey, this is where we’re going, come with me. And I need that. I think this country needs that. We need to come together. We need to all be united in one way,” Schober said.

There were a few supporters of President Donald Trump that showed up. For them, a Biden presidency is a serious threat and possibility.

“I think that letting the ideals of socialism seep in is ultimately putting a pile of dung and putting sprinkles on it and offering it as a good thing. because ultimately what that means is restrictions of the freedom,” said Jordan Feldman, a Trump supporter.

Organizers of Sunday’s event wanted to prove that there are Democrats in Collier County.

“We are Americans. We believe in our democracy. We believe in our constitution. We believe in our rights as people. We should treat citizens better, children better, people better, and hopefully that is what we are working towards,” said Cynthia Marino-Clark, an event organizer said.

They also hope to bring that same support and passion with them to the polls in November.

Florida’s Primary is Tuesday. The Democratic National Convention begins Monday, with Biden expected to formally accept the Democratic Presidential Nomination on Thursday.

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