Driver’s dash cam records Collier County school bus speed through red light

Reporter: Taylor Smith Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Credit: John P. Jerse.

A driver in Collier County caught the moment a Collier County Public Schools school bus ran a red light Tuesday.

Video was sent in that showed the incident at the intersection with Livingston Road and Golden Gate parkway in Collier County. The tipster said the bus had to be moving at more than 50 mph.

We spoke to some parents in the area, who are split about whether the driver did anything wrong.

“I’ve seen them drive a little erratic and quick,” Kai Abelardo said.

And that’s what parents think this bus was doing.

“It’s definitely a concern,” Abelardo said. “I think the bus driver should be driving slow enough to understand what’s going on around him and traffic.”

The tipster who shared the recording of the school district bus caught it on his Garmin dash cam as it went speeding through the light.

“They drive fast, but I feel like that’s just kind of part of the job,” Travis Hall said. “Like you have to get the kids there. And if you’re not on time, the parents are calling them.”

Hall has a kindergartener and a 6th-grader, and he says this doesn’t worry him.

“I’ll give that bus driver the benefit of the doubt right now,’ hall said. “You know the lights turn quick, and they are just trying to do their job, so there’s not much to be concerned about.”

But both parents agree the safety of their kids should be every bus driver’s priority.

“The safety of the kids is the most important thing to make sure everyone is safe when we are giving our kids away to school,” Abelardo said.

Collier County Public Schools says it has all of its bus drivers on a point system to monitor their behavior. We were told the school district takes it very seriously and are reviewing the video.

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