‘Hitman scam’ leaves victims terrified with fake threats to kill your family

Reporter: Rich Kolko Writer: Drew Hill
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text messages
text messages

Scammers are now targeting you by sending texts that could leave your heart pounding. They send you a list of names of your loved ones along with graphic pictures.

So you get a text or email from someone claiming to be involved with the MS-13 gang. It has your name, address, family members, and other information. They then add graphic and bloody photos threatening your or your family if you don’t pay them.

Jim Derrane, a retired FBI agent says, they aren’t really gang members. “There really is not a chance they are gang members, these are cyber scammers that are preying on your fears and they use different techniques to try to take you away from your money,” said Derrane.

WINK News Safety and Security Specialist Rich Kolko tells you what to do if you get one of these messages.

Don’t send any money! It’s the newest version of an old scam. The cybercriminals want you to, however. They will ask for wired money, gift cards or even cryptocurrency.

If you receive these texts the best thing to do is ignore and delete them. Or, you can file a complaint with the FBI’s internet crime complaint center.

White Pages lets you compile public information that criminals can use. While you can’t get everything off the internet, you can get some of your personal information removed.

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