Lee County, Publix vaccine appointments filled within minutes

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A lot of people trying to make appointments for a COVID-19 vaccine at Publix reported getting an error after waiting in the queue. (Credit: WINK News)

Once again, all available COVID-19 vaccine appointments in Lee County and through Publix were booked within minutes on Wednesday, leaving thousands to try again.

Brian Douglas is one of them. He fired up his computer at 6 a.m. and went to Publix’s appointment website.

“I got a message that said, you’re in the queue; then after about an hour and a half, it went to an error message.”

At 9 a.m., he dialed a number that is probably a contact in your phone by now: the Lee County vaccine reservation line.

“That was looking pretty good there because I got a voice there saying put in your birthday and put in your what? Shoe-size? I don’t know. It was looking great, then after a while, it just died out, that was the end of it.”

If you want a vaccine, the anthem is to try and try again, which likely feels very old by now but isn’t stopping anyone.

“We got all the yard work done before 9 a.m. and had all three phones going,” said Leo Trudeau, who has been trying to snag an appointment for his 99-year-old mother-in-law, Peg.

So many people tried on Wednesday and aren’t giving up hope.

“We just keep trying any source that comes out, and we’re going to get through eventually; it’s just frustrating now,” Trudeau said.

He and his wife are over 65 and aren’t even trying for their own appointments.

“Peg first; we can wait our turn. We’d like to get shot too but she’s first.”

It’s a tough process but it’s brought out the good in so many hearts.

“Don’t lose faith, don’t lose hope,” Douglas said.

Publix will open up its appointments again on Friday at 6 a.m., for appointments to be scheduled Saturday, Jan. 23, through Wednesday, Jan. 27.

There is no word yet from Lee County when more vaccine shots will be offered through the FDOH.

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