Woman becomes first Black person promoted to captain at Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

Reporter: Breana Ross Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Captain Tabbatha Carter with Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. Credit: WINK News.

A law enforcement officer is making history during Women’s History Month, and it turns out her career path all started by chance.

Tabbatha Carter is now the first Black person to be promoted to captain at Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

With her new role, Carter hopes to improve her community and inspire young people. Her promotion has already inspired her two children to follow in her footsteps.

Success in law enforcement is not what Carter expected when she was looking for a job, but a success is what she has become.

“I stumbled across this profession by accident,” Carter said. “I was looking in a newspaper, and they said they needed 25 security guards.”

So Carter applied, and was picked for an interview.

“It was held at a prison, and I was thinking to myself, ‘Really, do I want to do this?’” Carter said.

Carter took the leap of faith and took the job with the department of corrections, and that has led to her 18-year career with CCSO.

Carter provides support services for inmates at Charlotte County Jail.

“As a female, I just faced the normal things of, “Well, let me help you. Maybe she can’t do this by herself,’ sort of things,” Carter explained.

Carter proved she could perform the job by herself and do it well.

Tuesday, she made history as the first Black person promoted to captain at CCSO.

“No matter your race or gender, the job can get done as long as you put your mind to it and do the right things,” Carter said.

Carter’s children see it every day. Her 9-year-old daughter wants to be the sheriff someday, and her 4-year-old son loves law enforcement too.

Carter told us she is grateful for all of the education opportunities law enforcement has given her. She is currently working toward her PHD in higher education at FGCU.

Carter hopes to inspire more kids in the community.

“To let them know that anything through God is possible,” Carter said.

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