Crooks cause car crashes to increase insurance premiums

Reporter: Rich Kolko Writer: Drew Hill
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Image of a vehicle damaged in a crash. Credit: via Public domain.

Many of us have experienced getting into a car crash but some criminals are making sure they aren’t an accident.

These crooks may be causing them and as a result, everyone’s insurance premiums are rising.

The sideswipes and panic stops are anything but a game. These are some of the tactics used in staged automobile crashes. Crooks use these maneuvers to hit your car or make it so you hit theirs.

These accident schemes cost millions each year and can put you and your passengers in danger, not to mention the hikes it’ll cause to your insurance rates.

Dan Morrison is a retired FBI Agent and he’s familiar with this type of scheme. “It’s not just individuals or small groups,” Morrison said.

“It’s organized crime units, often they’ll bring in doctors, lawyers, and mechanics as part of their scheme to overcharge for everything from the injuries to the law fees to adding additional damage to the vehicles,” he added.

These schemes are more often carried out in urban areas and they tend to target nicer cars because those cars are often owned by people with better insurance.

To make sure you don’t become the next victim:

  • avoid tailgating other cars
  • always notify the police when there is an accident
  • take picture of all damage
  • don’t take the advice of people directing you to specific doctors and lawyers
  • call your own tow truck after an accident

Florida is the only state that currently has specific legislation against staging crashes.

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