Puppies stolen from Cape Coral home

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stolen puppies
Credit: Cape Coral Police Department

A mother and her five puppies are missing after being taken from a Cape Coral home. Those exotic bulldogs, just six days old, were taken while the woman wasn’t home.

The dogs were taken on Monday from home along SE 21st Lane in Cape Coral.

The homeowner hopes the puppies and their mother, Lilo, are alive and unharmed. But she fears that the worst could’ve happened.

Those five exotic bulldog puppies are only six days old. They’re too young to be named and haven’t even opened their eyes yet. Jami Beach is their owner. “It’s just like bringing a newborn baby home times five,” Beach said.

For Beach, not knowing where her dogs are is heartbreaking. “My dogs are my family, so it’s very devastating to not have my babies at home, she said.

According to a Cape Coral Police report, the suspect came in the front door and grabbed the dogs before getting some to help to take them to a car. Then, they drove off. All of this happened while Beach was at work. “I’m not going to tolerate someone coming in and stealing from me. Breaking into my home and hurting my family,” Beach said.

She fears for not only Lilo’s safety but the safety of those puppies as well. “You’re not supposed to move them. You’re not supposed to be touching them. It’s supposed to be stress-free on the mom, so she produces milk. And this is a stressful environment,” said Beach.

These puppies are considered high-value bred with a hefty price tag. “These dogs are worth $10,000 a puppy,” she said.

For Beach, it’s less about the money and more about making sure her dogs are safe. “I just need them back home safe,” said Beach.

Beach is putting up a  $5,000 cash reward for anyone who can help safely locate the dogs. Cape Coral Police do have an idea about the identity of the suspect.

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