Caught on Camera: Woman shot with BB gun in Lee County

Writer: Drew Hill
Published: Updated:
Credit: WINK News

Surveillance video shows a white sedan driving by a young woman. Then, the arm holding a gun emerges from the window and shoots that woman.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office says it is now stepping up patrol in the Whiskey Creek area. Meanwhile, deputies are still trying to identify the suspect or suspects.

This was the woman’s first winter break home from college, and she was walking her dog down a street.

The woman’s injuries are minor, but this was a major traumatic experience for the family.

A Sunday evening dog walk was not supposed to end with fired shots. “I didn’t realize what was happening until they were probably 10 feet in front of me. And once they got that far ahead of me, I could see the gun-shaped… like pointing at me,” the victim said.

The victim did not want her name used out of fear for her safety. She says he was walking her dog when she noticed that white car slowing down. “The car slowed down right behind this mailbox and started shooting at me. I got me five feet in front of this mailbox, and they kept shooting at me,” she said.

She says the gun fired 20 to 30 times at her. “It hit me right there. It’s definitely gone down. But last night, it was a pretty like… pretty intense ride [as] well,” she said.

The victim’s mother is named Sharon. “I mean, your kid says ‘I’ve been shot,’ and you’re like, all you hear is shot.”

When her daughter called her to say she’d been shot, Sharon didn’t know what to think. She just started running. “And she’s just standing there completely in shock with the dog. I mean, just kind of shaking,” she said.

The person or persons who shot at her are still on the run but, both Sharon and her daughter are holding each other r a little close. Both of them know this could have been much worse.

“And actually watching the footage. I think, as a mom, that was a moment that just kind of stabs you in the heart a little bit. Just to see a gun pointed at your kid,” said Sharon.

Sharon told WINK News, “we’re going to go out in full-on protective gear.” She also said, “She’s not going out alone again until these people are caught.”

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