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Brett Pleasant receives life in prison in death of Jo Ann Leasure

Reporter: Sydney Persing Writer: Derrick Shaw
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Convicted killer Brett Pleasant has been sentenced to life in prison for his role in the death of 77-year-old Jo Ann Leasure.

Pleasant spoke during the sentencing hearing on Thursday and said he was innocent.

“I don’t know what happened your honor, but it’s not me. that’s all I have to say. Thank you,” Pleasant said.

Pleasant also claimed he was framed and pointed his finger at detectives and a prosecutor.

“He made claims about things that weren’t done in his case,” said Assistant State Attorney Sara Miller.

Pleasant already spent nearly half his life in prison for robbery.

That earned him a mandatory minimum life sentence for Leasure’s murder without parole.

“They’re trying to frame me, to put a case on me, to appease Mrs. Leasure’s friends which I understand, they want the person who did this,” Pleasant said. “They should be (brought) to justice. But I’m not the person.”

Scott Langston, Leasure’s friend, has followed the case from start to finish.

He didn’t get angry or emotional as Pleasant repeatedly denied his involvement.

Instead, Langston took notes.

“I won’t remember this off in the future, but I want to document it so that I can remember it correctly,” Langston said. “My immediate thought was he doesn’t have any response to the fingerprints and the DNA that was on her body and on the tape. And to me, that is conclusive evidence and you can object as much as you want to it. I guess that’s expected, but the evidence indicates that it happened.”

Now that sentencing is over, Langston can put his notes and files away.

“They’re finished, they’re finished,” he said.

Jurors reached a verdict last Thursday after a three-day trial.

Leasure was found dead in her North Fort Myers condo on June 21, 2017.

Jo Ann Leasure (Photo via Covenant Presbyterian Church directory)

Pleasant did not testify in the trial but jurors listened to his interview with detectives where he also claimed to not know Leasure.

Prosecutors said Pleasant’s DNA was on Leasure’s body, including her eyes, wrists and arms.

Pleasure’s attorney said he is planning an appeal.