Antiques dating back hundreds of years donated to a south Fort Myers thrift store

Writer: Matthew Seaver
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19th-century Chinese cabinets from the Qing dynasty. (Credit: St. Matthew’s House)

Antiques dating back hundreds of years are in a Lee County thrift store. St. Matthew’s House on Metro Parkway in south Fort Myers recently got some unique donations you may not expect.

One of them is 19th-century Chinese cabinets from the Qing dynasty. Those cabinets are valued at $55,000 each

19th-century Chinese cabinets from the Qing dynasty.

Those cabinets, along with all the other donated antiques will be sold with the money raised going toward helping out someone in need.

Some of the antiques are a piece of history. Some are even older than America itself.

“This has been around longer than the constitution,” said Tony Bell with St Matthew’s House.

Bell is talking about a biblical concordance, or dictionary, dating back to 1767. It is now for sale in Southwest Florida.

Biblical concordance, or dictionary, dating back to 1767.

“It’s been authenticated, and everything, this is a real, real rare copy,” Bell said.

The south Fort Myers St. Matthew’s House has received, and is now selling, rare antique pieces.

“These are from the 1800s. This is actually a Chinese elm, most likely made for a royal family is what this was made for,” said Bell.

“The market value on these are about $55,000 right now. And we’re blessed to have two of them,” Bell said of the Qing dynasty era cabinets.

“Bicycles that we have here, these are 125th anniversary Columbia Supremes.” Bell said, “with these bikes, they actually work. Same with the speedometer, it’s got working headlights are working horn.”

125th anniversary Columbia Supremes.

The proceeds from selling the antique items will help people in need in Southwest Florida.

“They donate with their heart. They want us to maximize our dollar, or their dollar with their donation so that we can help people get off drugs, become un-homeless, and also eat. Because if you’ve ever been hungry, you know, that’s something that’s pretty important to eat.”

You can add great value to someone’s life and go home with a piece of history in return.

“It’s not about the nice donations that we get, you know, the $4.95 clock that we get is just as important as that $500 bicycle,” said Bell. “St. Matthews houses a nondenominational charity that has specializes in addiction services, homelessness, and also feeding the hungry. And that’s our main focus that we have.”

If you are interested in any of the antiques, you can find them at the St. Matthew’s House at 13140 Metro Parkway until they are gone.

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