Water pressure issues persist for Fort Myers’ Ward 6 residents

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Residents of Fort Myers’ Ward 6 continue to deal with low water pressure in their homes. (CREDIT: WINK News)

Some people living in Southwest Florida are experiencing low water pressure, and others say the water isn’t even turning on.

The people who live in Ward 6 say the two most common things in the ward are taxes and water pressure issues. “I live on the second floor as well. So when I first moved in, I could tell the water pressure was low. Especially for like hot water, it was low low low,” said Nina Zurawel, who lives in Ward 6

“They are building so much. Before thinking of opening other places to build, they should think of their service to people who already own and live over here,” said Diane Forget, who travels to Ward 6 from Quebec.

Luckily, Zurawel and Forget didn’t suffer too much from the water pressure issue on Thursday, but one family did.

The first thing Ann-Marie DeLuca’s husband said to her when they realized they had a problem was, “He told me to call WINK. The first thing he thinks about is WINK. Pandemic? Call WINK,” said DeLuca, who lives in Botanica Lakes.

Their problem? “When my husband woke up, there was no water,” said DeLuca.

The DeLuca’s got an email from the City of Fort Myers that said, “It seems that one of our utilities crew members intended to close a valve to isolate a line.” The Email went on to say, “And the wrong valve was closed which caused a pressure drop in Ward 6. The pressure dropped to low levels before they realized the wrong valve had been closed.”

“And that’s what we were kind of assuming,” said DeLuca.

Deluca assumed that’s what happened, but that’s not exactly how people want things to flow in Ward 6 because water troubles are sort of a routine. “We’ve had water problems since we moved in here,” DeLuca said.

Because of the mistaken water shutoff, the city has placed a number of communities on a boil water notice. You can find a list of those communities below.

  • Reflection Isles
  • Botanica Lakes
  • Arborwood
  • Marina Bay
  • Plantation Somerset
  • Plantation Kingsbridge
  • Legacy Gateway
  • Treeline Elementary School

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