‘Really a ruckus’: Neighbors upset about reckless driving in Cape Coral neighborhood

Reporter: Zach Oliveri
Neighbors are upset about wreckless driving at the intersection of Rose Garden Road and Southwest 12th Avenue in Cape Coral. (CREDIT: WINK NEWS)

Neighbors in a Southwest Florida community are concerned after seeing donut tire marks in what’s normally a calm intersection.

It’s happening at the intersection of Rose Garden Road and Southwest 12th Avenue in Cape Coral.

One neighbor said he saw it happen and that’s enough to worry others.

The evidence is there, tracks burned into the concrete.

When Jeff Poirier and his family first heard the burnouts, they thought something was wrong.

“We thought someone was crashing,” Poirier said. “We ran out the front to the front door and it kept going on and it was prolonged so we walked out to the driveway and looked out to the side and there was the car basically doing spin-outs for multiple minutes. Tons of smoke really a ruckus.”

That was a few weeks ago and it wasn’t the last time.

Poirier said it’s happening multiple times since.

Poirier is concerned for the safety of his two young kids.

“It’s definitely nerve-wracking,” Poirier said. “The kids are, you know, one and three years old. And it’s close enough to the house where we don’t want them near the edge of the road.”

The intersection of Rose Garden Road and Southwest 12th Avenue attracts a lot of people.

Skipper Fossett walks the area with her dog Chip daily.

She is not surprised to see the donuts but is also concerned for her neighbors.

“This whole area is more like a park area,” Fossett said. “We have a lot of bicyclers, runners, skaters, skateboards. Children on all kinds of scooters and what have you. It’s horrifying to think that somebody would be using this for some type of should we say entertainment or excitement.”

Neighbors said they want Cape Coral police to help, but the Cape Coral Police Department said no one has called them to report the reckless driving.


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