Moms Demand Action advocating for gun safety in Collier County

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A group of moms is demanding change when it comes to federal gun laws. They are pushing for new federal gun laws and gun safety in Collier County.

“Your data is so wrong it’s unbelievable,” said a man in a confrontation with members of Southwest Florida Moms Demand Action.

It was a tense moment when two men confronted four women with Moms Demand Action outside the Collier commission chambers on Tuesday.

One man did not like the assertion that Collier County needs stronger background checks on guns.

“It’s frustrating because there’s a lot of misinformation out there,” said Susan Cone, events lead with Southwest Florida Moms Demand Action.

Cone said she knows the facts. Gun violence is a uniquely American problem that can be solved. “All of the eight million of us across the country that are involved in this gun violence movement finally reached a point where enough with enough that point was different for many people.”

For Kim Craig, a local group lead with Southwest Florida Moms Demand Action, it was the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

“I took my kids when they were six and eight to the memorial, and there was 12 crosses. And at that moment, when I moved here in 2014 I decided I can’t just be that person that says isn’t it a shame, isn’t it sad,” said Craig.

When she moved here, Craig said she got involved with Southwest Florida Moms Demand Action, and she’s still fighting eight years later.

“I have the time, I have the energy, and I’ve always had the motivation. And I just want to be part of the solution,” said Craig.

Craig says Collier commissioners can also be part of the solution by putting gun safety messaging in government buildings, enacting stronger background checks and taking advantage of grants to make the community safer.

“We want to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. We want to save lives,” Craig said.

More and more people want to help their cause. Southwest Florida Moms Demand Action had 400 new volunteers sign up since 21 people were killed in the Uvalde school shooting in late May.

“I don’t think it’s shocking anymore, I think not enough has changed since Sandy Hook happened. My boys are just turning three and five this summer they’re at the preschool level but something about the timing of them may be entering the public school system soon just has me feeling like I have to do more,” said Nanette Dorbeck, a volunteer with Southwest Florida Moms Demand Action.

Dorbeck is demanding more from Collier commissioners and she feels empowered after months of fear.

“It doesn’t really feel like there are that many places that are safe anymore so I want them to hear us and recognize that this is a uniquely American problem,” said Dorbeck.

Collier commissions did not respond after the presentation by Southwest Florida Moms Demand Action, but the group said they feel like the commissioners are on their side and they have hope.

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