Lee County using new Expressvote voting machines in upcoming election

Reporter: Samantha Johns Writer: Matthew Seaver
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Expressvote voting machine. (Credit: WINK News)

You could be casting your vote electronically in Lee County using a machine called “Expressvote” for the upcoming election.

Voting will look a little different this year, and it’s thanks to Expressvote. It’s a new electronic system that many people will be able to use.

To vote with the news machines, you’ll start off by handing over your license to get registered in the system. Then a poll worker will hand over a paper ballot for you to input into the Expressvote machine.

The system will use that ballot to recognize who you are electronically, and then voting begins.

For each race, you’ll select your desired candidate, but keep one thing in mind, “Don’t wanna vote for a race and you want to leave it blank, just hit next. One race in here for health system board of directors it’s a vote for two, so a lot of people will miss that, so you need to vote for two people,” said Tommy Doyle, the Lee County Supervisor of Elections.

When you’re all done, you’ll get a chance to review all your selections before printing out your card.

“You put it in this sleeve so nobody can see your choices, and you come over to the tabulator. Then you put this here and get a vote sticker and walk out the door,” said Doyle.

This new technology is going to be in place starting this Monday, and a lot of people are going to be able to go out to 12 different sites.

You can find the voting location closest to you by clicking here.

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