Lee County neighbors helping those still struggling after the hurricane

Reporter: Michelle Alvarez Writer: Matthew Seaver
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Volunteers in Lee County communities are dropping off supplies to people still struggling from Ian.

Ellen Baker reached out to her community, asking people to step up and help those affected by the hurricane.

Hurricane season is finally behind us, but there are still reminders of Ian just about everywhere you look.

There are still neighbors helping neighbors too.

Baker is a good example. She posted on the Nextdoor app asking friends to join forces to help hurricane victims. Two months later, people still show up to help.

“Oh, without my volunteers and my crew. I call them my volunteers, my crew, they help me sort. And then some people are also sorters, but we also call them the truckers. So, I’m either calling in the volunteers, or the truckers, or both,” said Baker.

On Wednesday, five cars were loaded up with everything from baby supplies to air mattresses and more. They then drove to the Linda Loma community in south Fort Myers.

Deb Holmes and her husband had a tough time with Ian, but they’re thankful to be alive. They saw Baker’s post and decided to tag along.

“We’re here, my husband is here, we have half a house, we’re good, we’re good. We still have a roof over our head,” said Holmes.

Ian did a number on many homes in the Linda Loma community. Chris Scott is one of many people trying to recover.

“We got a lot of good things. We got pillows, tissues and soap, and lots of good things that we can use,” said Scott.

Baker said a little bit of help goes a long way, so she won’t stop until everyone’s good to go again.

“That phone is just constantly [ringing], and now I have a lot of people contacting me that they have things. Donation centers, churches, about five churches have contacted me to come get stuff, so I have not even gotten to that yet. I’m going to need to buy a bigger house,” said Baker.

Baker says she hopes to gather more supplies for another caravan trip this Saturday afternoon, and she’s calling on anyone with a pickup truck or SUV to help her out.

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