Family Dollar suspected robber arrested

Writer: Paul Dolan
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Maliek Petit Homme mug shot. CREDIT: LEE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

A suspect has been arrested for reportedly robbing a Family Dollar at 3519 Lee Boulevard in Lee County on Monday, Oct. 17.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Raymond Bindas, a Family Dollar employee, said a man with his face covered came into the store demanding money from the register.

The suspect went behind the counter, taking approximately $245 from the register and cigarettes. Meanwhile, Maliek Petit Homme, 21, from Immokalee, stayed by the door watching for anyone to enter the store.

Later, Detective Rivera-Silva sent cigarette packs and other items the suspects may have touched testing, attempting to get a lead.

Detectives got a lead and identified Homme as potentially the lookout.

On Friday, January 6, 2023, Detective Rucker was notified that Homme was located due to an unrelated criminal investigation and was getting arrested.

Homme was interviewed and made aware of the Family Dollar robbery and claimed he was an innocent bystander inside the store, having no involvement in the robbery at all. Homme denied knowing who the suspect was, claiming he was a stranger.

Detective Rucker explained that based on witness statements, Homme was identified as the lookout.

Homme clarified he and the suspect left simultaneously but in different directions after getting permission from the suspect.

Then, Homme gave a conflicting story stating before he walked in, the suspect walked in before him and then demanded he act as a lookout while he robbed the store and threatened to kill him if he didn’t.

Homme then changed his story for a third time claiming before entering the store, the suspect “appeared out of nowhere” on the sidewalk, demanding to be the lookout or he would kill him.

A point to be aware of, Homme never attempted to contact law enforcement and make a report of the incident.

Based on the observations, evidence, and victim statements during the investigation, along with Homme’s admission to participating in the robbery and conflicting stories, Detective Rucker believes Homme’s committed the robbery.

Homme was later transported to the Lee County Jail.

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