Cat recovering from Golden Gate brush fire injuries

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A cat that survived a fire is called a warrior by the people caring for him.

On Wednesday, The Collier County Domestic Animal Services shared that Liam returned from the vet center with an ongoing treatment plan and continues to improve daily. Liam is getting care from the director of the Collier County Domestic Animal Services center, Marcy Perry.

Liam’s recovery process is expected to take a long time.

The cat, Liam, was badly burned on his paws during a brush fire in Collier County on Saturday. Liam is being cared for by the Collier County Department of Animal Services.

The 4-year-old feline was aptly named Liam because it means warrior.

Liam getting bandages at vet’s office. CREDIT: COLLIER COUNTY DOMESTIC ANIMAL SERVICES

WINK News spoke with Marcy Perry, the Collier County Domestic Animal Services director, about Liam and how he was found.

“We felt that he deserved a name. We gave him that name; we brought him in. And we found that he had some very severe injuries, all four paws are badly burned, which resulted in some of his toes having to be amputated,” Perry said.

Liam was burned in the Golden Gate brush fires, but a good samaritan found him wandering in a field and brought him to the animal services center.

Perry explained how Liam is continuing to live up to his name.

“It was very sad. Seeing a cat in that condition, enduring that much pain. It was, it was definitely not something that you want to see. But that’s why we’re here,” Perry said.

Perry remains confident in Liam’s recovery efforts. And when he does recover, Liam will go up for adoption so he can find his own forever home.

Veterinary technician, John Gobel, said he’s already had surgery. So all that’s left is giving Liam the time he needs to heal all of his wounds.

“It can take couple weeks, it can take months, it all depends on the cat’s response to the treatment. Usually, it’s daily bandage care, antibiotics, fluids if they’re not drinking,” Gobel said.

“We’re giving him as much care and comfort as we can during this time. But it’s probably at least several months,” Perry said

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