Jury sequestered in Wisner Desmaret’s death penalty trial on Thursday

Reporter: Claire Galt, Gail Levy Writer: Paul Dolan
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While Wisner Desmaret awaits to hear if he will get the death penalty or get life in prison after being found guilty of murdering FMPD officer Adam Jobbers-Miller, the jury has been sequestered after starting deliberations shortly after 3 p.m. on Thursday.

When a jury is sequestered, they must stay in a hotel to avoid outside influence.

“A lot of family stuff is not the same anymore,” Adam’s father, David Miller, said.

“As far as holidays, birthdays, just normal day daily things, phone calls, talking to him,” David said.

From the depths of his soul, David spoke softly and sincerely about his son fulfilling his dream of becoming a police officer by overcoming many obstacles.

“When he was born, he was premature. He was drug-addicted. He was HIV positive, only about a little over a pound. He went through months in the hospital,” David said.

“Officer Miller, as you know, his uncle stated that you know, he was born HIV infected. And the same these kids look like that came to testify, and I got in a fight with they all look premature. And meaning that hey, if I get blood from this dude right here, I’m clean. I don’t have HIV. I wasn’t born with HIV,” Desmaret said. “And I think that’s what’s making me a target. A lot of these people that’s infected with HIV they need new blood if he would have shot and killed me when we get to the hospital, all they do is take my blood out of my take my blood out of me.”

Desmaret, acting as his only witness, told the jury reasons he believes he shouldn’t be put to death. Desmaret even admitted he is off his medication and struggling with paranoia.

“I’m seeing things.. Sometimes when I’m alone, I hear voices,” Desmaret said.

Lee Hollander, Desmaret’s standby attorney, told the judge again his outrageous claims are evidence Desmaret is not mentally well.

“His paranoia is what started this whole thing. It had nothing to do with Jobbers Miller or anything. To him, everything is turned around. And that is why he thinks I’m against him,” Hollander said.

Desmaret refused to let his family speak on his behalf in court on Thursday. Instead, saying only God and himself can speak for him. Once the jury makes its recommendation the judge has the final say at a future hearing.

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