Collier County deputies warn against rise in bank jugging

Reporter: Amy Galo Writer: Rachel Murphy
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The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is warning people of an increase in crooks stalking bank customers to commit a crime called “jugging.”

Jugging is when a criminal follows the victim after they withdraw money, and it is on the rise in Collier County.

Detective James Kleinheinz with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office explained, “They look for people making large withdrawals from either the ATM or from inside, and then they follow them to where they’re going. In some cases, they will just burglarize their vehicle if they park somewhere. In other cases, they will rob someone.”

There have been three cases in the last month alone.

“Around noon to 2 o’clock is when most of these are happening. Because that’s when you’re getting most people going and making their transactions throughout their workday, their personal transactions,” Kleinheinz said.

Kleinheinz recommends if you take out a lot of cash, don’t count it out in the open. If possible, withdraw smaller amounts at a time.

Once you get your white bank envelope, put it away quickly in your pocket or a bag. Go straight to your car and don’t leave the bank distracted, especially by your phone.

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