Smokey Sunday for some as mulch fire burns in eastern Collier County

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collier mulch fire
CREDIT: Greater Naples Fire Rescue District

The Greater Naples Fire District worked a large mulch fire in the 2300 block of Brantley Blvd. That’s the eastern part of Collier County, east of Golden Gate and north of Alligator Alley.

The District shared several pictures through its Facebook page.

The agency told WINK News the fire is contained and there is no immediate threat to structures. However, there will be a considerable amount of smoke in the area.

Mulch Fires

While we do not know what caused this mulch fire, did offer more detailed information about mulch fires.

  • In many mulch fires, the smoldering mulch tunnels under the surface, breaking out into open flame.
  • Mulch piled too deeply, over a few inches, can build up heat and spontaneously catch fire.
  • Mulch fires start more readily when the weather is hot and dry for an extended time.
  • Factors such as below-average rainfall, dry conditions, warm temperatures, and high winds increase the risk of mulch fires.
  • The distance between mulch piles keeps a fire from spreading from one pile to another or to a building.

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