Black History Month: The Lehigh Cavaliers Domino and Community Club

Reporter: Annette Montgomery
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In many African American families, there is one person who loves to play dominos, but what to do when moving to a new place, and there is nowhere for them to play with people who look like them.

This group started their own group to do what they love. We are talking about the Lehigh Cavaliers Domino and Community Club.

Like with most things in history when it comes to people who look like them…

“This month, for me, is kind of dedicated to Black history, and the achievements we’ve made, and how far we’ve come, and of course, we still have a long way to go, so I’m willing, I’m willing to step in there because I think I have the experience from some of the things that I’ve done to put me in a position where I can help make a difference,” said Orville Hall, president of the Lehigh Cavaliers Domino and Community Club.

These members of the Lehigh Cavaliers Domino and Community Club started this organization for one reason.

“Back in 2002, there was nothing to do for the retirees and guys who like to play dominoes,” said Artnel S. Gordon, founding member. “There was no place for us, so we started the Domino Club to get together as a group.”

A group of people who felt there was no place for them with one mission: to play dominoes, but the club’s impact goes way beyond the classic game.

“I love the club. I put all my time, money, energy in the club because it is like my second home. I keep it the way I kept my home,” said Esmeralda, a member.

Even with no headquarters, moving from place to place, they’re making their presence known with the hopes of raising money to get their own building so others who feel like there is no place to go or even call home have one.

“We want to make it a place where the community can come and congregate. Right now, there’s no such place in Lehigh Acres, and that’s the driving force behind what they’re trying to do here, not only for us but the other people in the community,” Hall said.

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