March to a Million Meals surpasses goal, serving over 1.3M meals to SWFL

Reporter: Lois Thome
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WINK News is proud to announce the resounding success of its March to a Million Meals campaign, a monumental effort to combat hunger in Southwest Florida.

Launched in February with the ambitious goal of providing a million meals by March 1st, the initiative has far exceeded expectations, delivering 1,354,606 meals to those in need.

This achievement marks a significant milestone for WINK and the Southwest Florida community, underscoring the power of collective action and the spirit of generosity that defines our region.

The campaign’s success is a testament to the unwavering support and commitment of our viewers, partners and the entire community who rallied together to profoundly impact the lives of countless individuals and families facing food insecurity.

“This campaign reinforces my faith in the people of Southwest Florida and how we love each other.  As a news anchor, we often read stories that show how divided we can be,” said Lois Thome from WINK. “This campaign showed that, at the core of ourselves, we care about one another, which is so gratifying. Every donation, big and small, helps ease the stress struggling families face. I am so grateful to all our donors who made March to a Million Meals an incredible success.”

The March to a Million Meals initiative reflects WINK’s commitment to serving and supporting the Southwest Florida community.

The campaign mobilized public support by leveraging the platform’s reach and resources. It generated significant contributions in terms of donations and volunteer efforts, demonstrating what can be accomplished when we come together for the greater good.

As we celebrate this milestone, we recognize that the fight against hunger continues. WINK News remains dedicated to addressing the needs of our community and inspiring further action.

We look forward to building on the momentum of this campaign and continuing our work to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Southwest Florida community for their generosity, support, and partnership in the March to a Million Meals.

Together, we have made a lasting impact, and we are excited to continue this journey, driven by our shared commitment to making Southwest Florida a better place for all.

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