NCH and ProScan Women’s Imaging offering next-level breast imaging

Reporter: Amy Oshier
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Bringing world-class breast care to Southwest Florida. That was the guiding principle in establishing a new, state-of-the-art imaging center in Collier County.

It’s a combined effort between NCH and ProScan Imaging.

From outward appearances, this looks like a luxury spa. But the real beauty in this place lies beneath the surface.

“The facility is a one-of-a-kind facility. I don’t believe there’s anything like it in the United States,” said Dr. Stephen Pomeranz.

Dr. Pomeranz should know. He’s the founder of ProScan Women’s Imaging, working with NCH to deliver next-level care and putting the latest technologies under one roof.

“We’ve got standard, 3D mammo, which everybody has. We’ve got contrast enhanced mammo, which very few people have. You’ve got a dedicated three Tesla MRI for women, which, I don’t believe there’s a dedicated three Tesla MRI for women in the United States. We’ve got ultrasound; we’ve got upright biopsy; we’ve got stereo supine biopsy; we’ve got DEXA, all in one location,” he said.

It’s an impressive lineup, with genetic testing layered on, all with one purpose in mind.

The equipment is not preventative, but it is proactive. Finding cancers at the smallest interval to address them before they become a bigger problem.

“Catching the cancer early will help the patient to get less aggressive treatments,” said radiologist Dr. Sergio Dromi. He is the director of imaging, making sure each patient the proper screening method is available to each patient.

For example, a 3D mammogram performed with contrast provides a clearer view of dense tissue. MRI is used in high-risk patients. During a diagnostic mammogram, one of their machines can take a tissue sample.

“Changing a few of these paddles, what you can do here is a biopsy in this one,” Dr. Dromi demonstrated. “When the patient is just sitting in front of the machine, the needle is placed here, and the needle goes straight to the breast.”

This approach speaks to saving lives and quality of life by detecting cancer with pinpoint precision.

This imaging center is hosting an open house for the public can walk through and speak with the doctors. It is free but requires advanced registration. You can RSVP at the number below.

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