Lee County NAACP protesting unarmed man’s death

Reporter: Amy Galo
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The NAACP knows Amira Fox’s decision cannot be overturned, so they’re pushing for more open conversation around mental health and how police officers should be trained to tackle similar situations.

People gathered in front of the state attorney’s office on Thursday to make it known they want justice for the death of Christopher Jordan.

On the surface, a white detective killed an unarmed black man, but there’s more to it.

Fort Myers police detective James Moschella shot Christopher Jordan in his home nearly six months ago.

Last week, the state attorney Amira Fox said it was ‘justified’ because Jordan’s sister said he had a gun and Moschella said he saw one. However, the fact of the matter is that investigators never found a gun, and Jordan was having a mental health crisis.

Holding up a sign during protest. CREDIT: WINK News

While Justice can’t be sought in criminal charges for Moschella, protestors on Thursday were saying Jordan’s death can still inspire change.

“I want Christopher Jordan’s family to know that he’s not forgotten, and that we aren’t sweeping his death under the rug and that we are going to continue to honor his life. And I would eventually like to see a piece of legislation in his name so that he didn’t die in vain,” said Sarah Wilson, a Lee County NAACP member.

“The community has a need to be heard. And not only heard, but their concerns taken seriously. And then directed towards policy change and cultural change in the agencies themselves,” said Dr. William Glover a senior pastor at Mount Hermon Church.

Another point brought up by Johnson was the fact that Amira Fox is an elected official, she can be voted out and today’s protest serves as a reminder to people that their voices matter.

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