Closing the gun show loophole in Florida

Author: Camila Pereria
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The Biden administration is working to put a stop to the “Gun show loophole.”

“I don’t feel there is a loophole,” said George Fernandez, Owner of Pioneer Guns and Ammo. “The majority of vendors at gun shows have to do background checks at the state law and federal law. However, there are private sales that occur that are outside of the control of the promotor but also of law enforcement.”

The new rule announced on Thursday is focused on those exact sales.

They aim to tighten up the definition of what it means to be “Engaged in the business” of selling firearms and close the gap that allows buyers to avoid the licensing and background check requirements by selling privately.

Florida Gun Shows general manager Robert Geisler says they don’t have that problem.

“So with Florida gun shows, we took that step about 10 years ago, where every vendor here needs to be a federally licensed dealer. So, coming to Florida gun shows is no different than going to any gun store in Florida. It’s the same background checks run here as any gun shop.” said Geisler.

In fact, Geisler says those background checks are run through both the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the National Instant Criminal background check system.

So that if anybody comes to their gun shows and wants to leave with a gun, they’ll have to have a concealed weapons permit. Otherwise, they’ll have to wait a few days depending on the county.

“It’s just the safe thing to do. And we want the customers to feel safe coming in. That’s number one for us,” said Geisler. “It’s a family-oriented show. And we try to get you know, everybody in we want everybody from their first-time shooter to the expert, and we want them to feel safe.”

“It’s about people’s safety.” said Fernandez, “Gun shows are not what people seem to be. At least not the Florida gun show.”

The state of Florida isn’t taking this news lightly.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday challenging the new Biden administration’s rule, claiming they are overstepping its legal authority.

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