Rainy season in SWFL means more snakes, toads and mosquitoes

Reporter: Michelle Alvarez
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When it rains, it pours.

“This rainfall sort of recreates wetlands on our landscape, and that’s what a lot of animals and plants have been waiting for,” said Win Everham with FGCU’s Water School.

All the rain this week is not only affecting people but wildlife as well.

“If that water stays up for two, three weeks, there’s enough time for the frogs to lay some eggs and to get some baby frogs in, Everham added.

Experts say the amount of rain we’ve had means we’re likely to see more snakes, frogs, toads and mosquitoes.

“Particularly at this time of year, I think that’s animals relocating to now more appropriate habitat that was restricted at the end of the dry season,” said Everham.

Everham continued, “Snakes may be moving from one place where they were hiding to what might be a better habitat with more food. Frogs and toads may be coming out because now places are filling up where they can lay their eggs. So they’re singing to each other, trying to find dates, trying to make baby frogs and toads.”

Dr. Keira Lucas is with the Collier Mosquito Control District.

“With rains like we’re seeing right now, we do expect to see an increase of mosquitoes,” she said. “The water that we’re going to see standing in ditches and flooded fields are going to be a perfect habitat for mosquitoes.”

She said it takes five to seven days to start seeing mosquitoes after they hatch, but people at home can make sure to dump any standing water out.

“This is what it means to live in Florida. And I think when the rains come, the frogs start to call, and the animals start to move around. It seems like a joyful time to me,” Everham added.

Experts say many of these species seek shelter from heavy rains by hiding under vegetation. However, rainy and windy conditions can also favor predators because their scent is masked, and it’s harder for prey to hear them.

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