Alfie Oakes argues political corruption

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Alfie Oakes pointed his accusatory finger at Collier County’s supervisor of elections, Melissa Blazier.

On Friday, the Collier County Republican party committee man was told he couldn’t run for re-election, unqualified after improper paperwork was filed with Blazier.

Oakes did not mince words, saying Blazier is making up her own rules to keep him off this ballot.

Blazier pushed right back. She said the law is clear and Oakes did not follow it.

While the Supervisor of Elections Office has everything to do with political candidates, Blazier told WINK News her job is not political at all.

“We like to tell people we’re not policymakers. I’m ministerial in my function. My bible is Florida Election Law chapters 96 through 106,” she said.

Blazier took an oath to follow Florida election law, which is signed and framed on her wall.

But Seed to Table’s Alfie Oakes called Blazier corrupt and accused her of having a political agenda that does not include him.

“She’s basically putting her hand on the scale to try to make sure that I’m not the state committee man here,” Blazier said.

The trouble between Blazier and Oakes started with this paperwork to be on the ballot.

Oakes did not turn in the material himself. He had someone do it for him less than an hour before the deadline.

Blazier said Oakes’ filing was on the wrong form and was missing information.

“So, nowhere on the form did it say Republican State Committeeman. We did our best, our due diligence to reach him,” he said.

In a mad dash to her office, Oakes attempted to turn in this correct paperwork before the Friday noon deadline. He didn’t make it…by eight minutes.

“I don’t wish this upon any candidate, but we all have to play by the same rules,” Blazier said.

Blazier said that’s not a deadline she made up. It’s the law, and she knows it by heart. She said, “Chapter 99.061 states that candidate qualifying shall end the 67th day at noon, prior to the primary election.”

Oakes believes there’s an agenda in this office, so he will push his agenda. He wants someone else running it all.

“I just want to expose Melissa Blazier for the corruption. So, we’re gonna continue to fight for that. Not so much as for me to be state committee man, but as to show the corruption that’s happening and has been happening in our supervisor elections,” he said.

Oakes called Blazier a “Very bad actor” and hinted that he’ll be speaking to law enforcement agencies.

Blazier, for her part, is confident she did right.

She called election law her bible.

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