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Recycling getting combined with trash in Fort Myers

Recycling that had been separated is now being thrown in with piles of trash. Now, residents in Fort Myers are upset since they expect their recycling to go to the correct location after taking the time to separate it. There is a reason workers may be putting some of those recyclables in with the trash. […]

Calusa harbour sign

Calusa Harbour Senior Living to close health care unit

Essential health care for your loved ones may be harder to come by. The Calusa Harbour Senior Living Facility is closing its health care unit. This means laying off dozens of workers and leaving those who need around-the-clock care with no choice but to change providers. This Five Star senior living facility has given The […]

homeless lions park

Fort Myers will spend $22,000 to house homeless in hotels for 2 weeks

Fort Myers city leaders continue to discuss the future of the homeless population. After being kicked out of Centennial Park, they migrated to Lions Park. Now, leaders say they can’t stay there either. Fort Myers City Council voted Monday to allocate $22,000 to help house people experiencing homelessness in the city in hotels for two […]