Hackers target Fort Myers family business and daughter

Author: Rachael Rafanelli

FORT MYERS, Fla.- The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a case of hacking. A Fort Myers mother says it’s one of the worst thing that could happen to her family. Her business, and her 10-year-old girl was victimized by cyber criminals.

According to the incident report, someone posted nude photos on their daughter’s website. And we’re learning, no matter where you’re victimized online, these kinds of hackers are very hard to track down.

A Fort Myers family is disgusted and outraged. “To be perfectly honest, its made us us totally sick to our stomachs,” said the mother.

They tell WINK News someone posted graphic photos of people having sex on the website of their family business, along with their ten year old daughter’s Instagram page and her personal website.

According to an incident report, obtained by WINK News, “a banner advertising a pornographic website with explicit images of adults engaged in sexual activity was posted.”

The girl’s mother, who’s in Miami at the moment, spoke to WINK News over the phone. “Why would somebody for one, go after us as business owners, and for two, start targeting our daughter? It’s ridiculous and whoever did this is a monster.”

Shaun Book with Area 51 computer service says anyone can become the victim of a hacking attack and says catching the criminals themselves is very difficult.

He stresses the need for intricate passwords involving letters and numbers, along with extra security.

“Keep your computer up to date of its security patches. Keep your phone up to date with all its security patches, and yes anti-virus is an excellent alternative to common sense. “Some of these things we know not to go to but other ones they look legitimate and they are infected,” Book said.

WINK News did not identify that family to protect their privacy. But the girl’s mother has some advice for other parents: monitor your child’s activity online at all times, and report anything suspicious to law enforcement.

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