Season starts a month early on FMB

Author: Megan Contreras
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FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.- The signs of a busy season on Fort Myers Beach are here. We’re talking traffic, busy restaurants and a packed beach. Locals say the season has actually started earlier than normal.

“I thank everybody, the snowbirds, for coming in early and making us a lot of money,” said CC, server at Lehne Burger.

Many people who work on Fort Myers Beach are welcoming season with open arms.   “Servers, bartenders, everybody is making more money than I have in a long time at this time of year,” said CC.

This year, the pattern of season appears to have changed, starting a month earlier than expected and the cash flow is there to prove it.

“I’ll tell you $150 to $200 a day in just tips alone.”

CC works at Lehne Burger on Estero Boulevard, she says she’s surprised business is so strong now, but says it paints a picture of what peak season may really look like.

“We are doubling our money now, that means we are tripling our money times season comes.”

The sight of traffic piling up on Estero Boulvard, on the Matanzas Pass Bridge or beach goers packing onto the beach is a sign businesses like sob’s will be reaping the benefits.

“It means a lot of money for everybody, which definitely helps,” said Reid Freeman, chef at SOB’s.

Even hotels, like The Lighthouse Resort, are booking up faster than ever before.

“We just booked about four reservations in just the last couple of minutes here, so they are going fast!” said Colleen Hissim, Front Desk Manager at The Lighthouse Resort.

Another sign is the traffic, Locals say the time it takes to drive from one end of the seven mile island to the other, has more than doubled.

“Business has picked up, traffic is so backed up right now.”

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