Cape Coral police ride bicycles in new program to raise awareness

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- You might see Cape Coral police officers using a different type of transportation soon. It’s a program aimed at saving lives through education.

You won’t just see people who live in Cape Coral weaving in and out of traffic on a bicycle, but eventually, police officers as well.

It’s called the Bicycle Safety Initiative. WINK News first told you about the program in September, spearheaded by councilman Rick Williams. “It’s not just a matter of teaching the bikers, it a matter of teaching drivers its a matter of teaching pedestrians,” Williams told WINK News back in September.

The unit will be made up of specially trained officers that will serve as a reminder to drivers to be careful, while educating pedestrians and bicyclists at the same time

“I think it might do good. I think they have to concentrate in the downtown area especially in the evenings and at night,” said Cape Coral resident Carl Miller.

You might also find police officers riding bicycles along more remote areas like Diplomat Parkway, where at times, drivers tend to speed.

Police say bicycle and pedestrian crashes make up less than one percent of the city’s total crashes but they are more deadly.  Police told WINK News in September, the program could cost $15,000- 30,000 of your money.

The officers are using refurbished old bicycles, as well as new ones. So far, twelve of them are specially trained for the program.

The department is introducing its new initiative to city leaders on Monday.

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