Community fights against zoning plans to build drug rehab facility

Author: Christina Lusby
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LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Schools and neighbors are taking action to make sure a drug rehab facility doesn’t move in next door.

The county is looking at a zoning request to reface a mansion into a facility that would provide 24/7 security.

Neighbors say they are in support of drug rehab centers, just not at this location. A business has its eye on the million dollar home and property, but it would have to change a few rules to get it.

It was first called a holistic center but now residents feel betrayed after doing a little research.

“I feel they have been trying to deceive people all along. They wrote down on the notice it was a holistic healing center for mind, body and spirit,” said Tom Burt, “and for all letters from the doctors to support it, it was listed as a drug rehab facility.”

About halfway through the 118 paged rezone proposal, in and out patient services are mentioned for a 90 bed facility, along with 24 hour security.

The mansion up for sale isn’t just in a neighborhood, it’s also near schools.

A spokesperson for Canterbury School tells WINK News:

“We support the concept of the center but we want to know more about it. We look forward to learning more at the public hearing.”

Neighbors will also be at next Wednesday’s hearing taking place at 3:30 p.m. In fact, there has been so much response, it was moved to a bigger room.

Residents have also created a website: They have reached out to political leaders and are mailing out 3,500 letters, warning neighbors of the rezone.

“I would have to move, I’d have to rezone my house as commercial in good conscience. I can’t put my family in that position,” said Burt.


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