Mayor of Bonita Springs wants to see middle school fence taken down

Author: Megan Contreras
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BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.,- The fence outside of bonita springs middle school is being called an eye sore and the Mayor wants to see it taken down. He worries the chain link fence is giving the area a bad name.

“It makes you think something must be wrong, this a bad area, when it’s not,” said Mayor Ben Nelson.

Mayor Ben Nelson says this chain link fence in front of Bonita Springs Middle School is portraying the wrong image.

“It may have been a good idea at the time, but to people like me it makes it seem really industrial,” said Nelson.

Nelson would like to see this 10-foot all fence taken down.

“I want a design that actually takes it completely away from the front and moves it back to where it’s parallel with the school,” Nelson told WINK News.

He says the fence defeats it’s purpose.

“When the kids are there, the gates are open all day, so the fence doesn’t really do anything.”

The fence give the school more protection when no one is there.

“When everybody leaves they roll the door shut.”

He wants the schools look to relfect it’s reputuation and have an open look like Bonita Springs Elemetary.

“They deserve to have a school that looks a lot better.”

A fund has been approved by council for the project and the Mayor’s company- Nelson Marine Construction– has already donated.

“I have to put my money where my mouth is, I gave $2,000.”

A little over $30,000 is needed.

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