Video prankster gives $100 to homeless man in experiment


It’s a story that has been gaining popularity online. A prankster put $100 in the hands of a homeless man, and what he did with it, defied all stereotypes. Cameras secretly recorded how the man spent the money to prove it.

When YouTube star Josh Paler Lin came up with the idea to give a homeless man $100 dollars, it wasn’t charity. In fact, he wanted to track how the homeless man would spend the cash.

With a promise to spend the hundred well, Lin waited, secretly filming.

The man’s first stop after getting the money? A liquor store.

Loaded down with two full bags from the liquor store, the man makes his way to a park followed all along by Lin and his camera.

Inside the bags? No liquor, no booze, just food.

A man with nothing to give, caught giving all that he has. Lin, the famous YouYube prankster was left speechless.

A video made with the idea of exposing the homeless, simply exposed a man who defied stereotypes.

A fundraising page has been started to help the man get back on his feet. In just a few days, almost $90,000 has been donated.

Check out the full video here.

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