Cape Coral police warn of dangerous drug trends with teens

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- New, dangerous drugs are on Southwest Florida streets and police are sending out a warning to parents.

Kratom, Triple C, Mox Duo, drugs you may not have heard of until now. But, the scary part is, your kids already know about them.

“Unfortunately I would say it does seem to be getting a little bit younger in age,” said Sergeant Allan Kollak, a drug enforcer with the Cape Coral Police Department.

Sergeant spoke Thursday to a crowded room of professionals and parents.

The topic was emerging drugs trends among teens and children.

So what have police seen?

“Cannabis has always been around, it’s just getting more and more prevalent because of more states legalizing it. Heroin, due to the fact that pills are starting to disappear,” said Sergeant Kollak.

Kollak says teens are also experimenting with newer drugs, like Molly, which is a more potent of ecstasy.

N-bomb, also known as 25I, is a hallucinogen that police say are causing high rates of deaths among users.

“Extremely dangerous. They get too high, too filled with anxiety and they start doing things to themselves that would cause harm.”

Kids are also getting more creative when it comes to hiding drugs. Kollak says they are making pipes out of highlighters, and grinders out of golf balls.

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