Vandals slash tires, cause thousands in damage in Sandoval community

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Neighbors in the Sandoval community are furious after vandals slashed tires, adding up to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Six homeowners on Hopefield Court had a rude awakening Sunday morning when they went out to their driveway to find the damage.

“It isn’t necessarily the dollar factor. I just feel invaded. I just feel wronged,” said John McClintick, one of the neighbors whose tires were slashed.

McClintick says he’s been awake since 3 a.m. He says he can’t sleep or feel comfortable in his own neighborhood.

“I’m disappointed that we’ve got people around that do these things,” he said.

McClintick and his wife chose to move to Sandoval because they thought it was closed off from the public and quiet.

“This is the best street in Sandoval,” said neighbor Darren Schielzo.

But now he says neighbors are thinking twice about their safety.

“It made me lock my doors, yeah. I would leave my door open and walk down the street and see neighbors leave my door open and now all of a sudden something stupid like this. I’m locking my door,” said Schielzo.

A neighborhood watch group in Sandoval is now asking for more volunteers. Neighbors we spoke with say after this situation they’ve decided to sign up to help.

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