Bud Light semi-truck plows through Cape Coral fence


CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Anheuser-Busch is promising to pay for a broken fence after one of its semi-trucks plowed through it.

A Bud Light semi-truck ran off the road plowing through a concrete block and fence before coming to a rest about 20 feet from a home. “I’ll need a whole new fence,” says homeowner Mickie Bramlett. “I thought woah that was thunder, sometimes we have thunder that shakes the house.”

Mickie Bramlett was inside her home when she heard something that sounded like thunder. She looked out her window but says she saw nothing. She was unaware of the circus on the side of her home until someone knocked on her door. “A guy comes to the door and says hey don’t you know what is going on in your backyard. I come out here and sure enough Bud Light is in my backyard.

Neighbors also heard the bang and came running outside. “I said, is he okay? Is he okay? He had just jumped out the window,” says Tarrita Brown of the semi driver. The driver walked away unharmed, no word on if they will face charges.

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