Cape Coral man creates new traffic safety wand

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CAPE CORAL, Fla- An entrepreneur has created a product that he says will keep people safer on the road.

Bil Joseph recreated the handheld traffic safety cone. He says he came up with the idea after watching confusion at a crash site.

The Stop and Go Flashlite Wands were designed to attach to flight lights; it is what lights up the cones and the words. If the flashlights go out, the letters are made with reflective lighting to continue to protect the person holding it.

There are two cone designs. The first is a triangle that says “stop, slow and go.” It’s designed in a tri-shape to allow the holder to know what the front part says at all times. They can see the two other words not in use on the backside.

The second is designed in a square shape and would be used to direct traffic. There is also an adapter to allow the wands to attach to different size flash lights.

Joseph says the cones are designed for construction crews, law enforcement, crossing guards, stadiums, DOT, special events and natural disasters. The words on the wands can be changed to say anything. The product is made in the USA and costs under $10.

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