Wildlife officers shoot at bear in Bella Terra


ESTERO, Fla.- A bear in the Bella Terra community is causing quite the scene as Florida Fish and Wildlife officials continue trying to trap the animal.

Now, FWC is taking more drastic measures to get the bear out of the community. Officers shot at the bear multiple times with a bean bag gun on Wednesday, causing the bear to run back into the woods.

“They were moving people out of the streets that were walking and children. They wouldn’t let anybody in the roads or let anybody leave until they felt the area was secure,” said neighbor Scott Abbattista.

People in the quiet community have been buzzing about the bear, even taking photos and videos but now there’s even more talk among neighbors.

“They’re afraid to go walking you know there’s no sidewalks in here so you’re walking on the street and you never know. It’s a wild animal so you never know if it’s going to attack,” said Abbattista.

FWC says the bear will likely be euthanized once caught.

“In my opinion I don’t think they should kill the bear. I think, you know, there’s plenty of zoos and and plenty of natural habitats that they could release the animal in,” said neighbor Jeffery Dickens.

Neighbors believe the bear is alive somewhere in the preserve area of Bella Terra. In the meantime officers will continue to check the trap.

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