Experts provide safety tips following e-cigarette explosion

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NAPLES, Fla.- A North Naples man remains in critical condition after an e-cigarette exploded in his face on Monday.

Evan Spahlinger, 21, is still in a coma at a burn unit in a Miami hospital. He suffered burns to his face, neck and lungs.

WINK News took the questions of many concerned viewers over the safety of e-cigarettes to the Vape King store.

“It hits home, we are upset about it and we don’t want anyone to be vaping unsafely,” said Laura Kaman, owner of Vape King.

She says battery safety is very important when using e-cigarettes. Firefighters say the battery is likely what caused Spahlinger’s device to explode, causing horrible burns internally and externally.

“All lithium batteries can explode like cell phone, laptop batteries, so the potential is there, people just don’t realize how dangerous batteries are,” said Kaman.

We showed the employees at Vape King Spahlinger’s device.

“He was using most likely a mechanical mod. Which is more like, pretty much you’re using the battery that pushes voltage straight through the battery right to the tank,” said Vinny Kaman.

That type of vaping is called dripping.

“You do it yourself, you get more control out of it. at the same time, you can rep it with too low of resistance and that can a circuit, or something along those lines, with the battery,” said Trevor Sollitto.

Laura Kaman said dripping is different from using an e-cigarette, “the majority of our business is all protected safe, eco style, e-cig batteries.”

If you prefer dripping, Kaman says make sure you properly know how to do it and have your battery in a protective case. If your battery is damaged, replace it and properly dispose of it.

The North Collier Fire and Rescue Department is still investigating Spahlinger’s incident.

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