Eads: Hand print, shell casings tied man to Fort Myers shooting incidents

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FORT MYERS, Fla. – A hand print on a truck and shell casings from a crime scene tied a Fort Myers man to two shooting incidents, including one involving a Fort Myers police officer, Fort Myers Interim Police Chief Dennis Eads said.

Quan Terrell Wilsher, 21, of 2355-3 Willard St. in Fort Myers, received a $700,000 bond on Thursday after he was charged Wednesday with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. If released, he will be required to wear a tracking device and stay away from the City of Palms Park, the “World Famous” Cigar Bar and the victims involved in the incidents.

Wilsher was already in jail under no bond after leading police on a foot pursuit through downtown Fort Myers on Nov. 12. He was then charged with two counts of possessing a firearm by a Florida delinquent, possession of a concealed firearm, altering the identification of a firearm and resisting an officer without violence.

Wilsher was sought by police after he allegedly shot at a man outside the Cigar Bar on Oct. 13. Investigators found his hand print on a truck he was climbing to get onto the balcony above the shop, Eads said.

“He went out to confront him, and one of the gentleman jumped down and fired a shot at him,” Eads said. “Actually struck his vehicle, he was not hit, and took off running.”

Wilsher was quickly identified, but authorities didn’t immediately arrest him because they wanted to gather more information.

“It’s a hand print on the outside of a vehicle that someone possible could have been walking down the street and done it,” Eads said. “It was in the middle of the vehicle though, right where the person stepped.”

After detectives put out an alert for Wilsher, a groundskeeper was shot at City of Palms Park on Nov. 10. Bullets narrowly missed a Fort Myers police officer standing next to the man.

Investigators were not looking for Wilsher in connection with the City of Palms shooting, but shell casings from the scene matched a box of ammunition found on him when he was arrested, Eads said.

Wilsher was also armed with a handgun at the time of his arrest, Eads said.

“We really didn’t know who (the suspect) was at first,” he said. “Didn’t really have evidence, other than the shell casings left at the scene.”

Eads described Wilsher’s arrest as ‘significant.’

“I think it’s even more significant because it was two shooting incidents that there was no provocation involved, nothing that spurred it,” he said. “No fight, no argument, nothing, just shooting. Apparently he has a gun, and a very short fuse.”

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