Punta Gorda PD could soon make arrest in 18-year-old clerk’s death

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PUNTA GORDA, Fla.- An arrest may be coming soon in the shooting death of 18-year-old Kyle Farishian, Punta Gorda police said on Monday.

Farishian’s body was found shortly after the 7-Eleven near Bal Harbor Boulevard and Aqui Esta Drive went up in flames in November.

“It’s definitely going to be one piece, one of the major pieces of the puzzle in identifying who this person is and then bringing them to justice,” said Punta Gorda Police Chief Thomas Lewis, adding that the mystery behind the teenager’s murder could soon be revealed.

Investigators say they have been working around the clock to recreate the crime scene, using 3D mapping technology to try and identify Farishian’s killer.

“Instead of looking at a flat surveillance photo, now you can walk around to the other side or spin the model and actually watch the crime or watch particular pieces of evidence from a completely different perspective,” Lewis said.

Days after Farishian’s death, police released surveillance pictures of a suspect with a covered face, carrying a gas can inside the 7-Eleven the morning of the fire. As authorities attempt to identify the person behind the mask, they are looking beyond appearance and focusing on measurements.

“What the 3D model will allow us, is to take measurements. Measurements of how long his arms are, how wide his chest is, how wide his hips are. Then, you can take a known suspect and actually take those same measurements and determine to a certain degree of certainty if that is the same person,” Lewis said.

The police department now has two more detectives dedicated to working the case as Lewis says there are many leads to follow up on.

“Without question, I mean especially in modern history, this probably the most important case that we’ve worked,” Lewis said.


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