VIDEO: How to safely get out of a submerged car

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NAPLES, Fla.- Two cars were driven by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office into a body of water during a tutorial showing people how to survive being submerged.


Geoff Fahringer, a member of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office dive team for 12 years, says time is your enemy.

“Simply roll down the window, take off your seat belt and climb out the window and get out of the car immediately,” said Geoff Fahringer.

You’re advised not to try to open the door, it will only fill the car up fill up faster with water.

“These cars don’t sink like a rock. There’s a period of time where that vehicle will float on the surface, ample time to be able to rescue you or your family and get yourself out,” Fahringer said.

If you’re unable to get your window down, two tools are recommended to help you get out quickly: a hammer and a small device called Resqme. Both can cut your seat belt and break the window.

Over the years, Fahringer says they’ve responded to numerous calls of cars crashing into the water on Alligator Alley.

On Tuesday, Gov. Rick Scott signed a law requiring guardrails to be installed next to bodies of water, a move Fahringer believes will save lives.

“In my mind, personally speaking, anytime you can protect the public by covering up a road way where you have a body of water adjacent to it, it’s a good thing.”

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