How can businesses save themselves from identity theft?

Reporter: Lindsey Sablan

FORT MYERS, Fla. Businesses, just like people, can fall victim to identity theft.

In one case, scammers used a real A/C repair company’s information to offer free consultations to clients.

But the meetings were to ultimately steal copper from the A/C units.

“So when the customers would realize that their A/C units weren’t working anymore and they filed a complaint with the sheriff’s department, the complaints was against a legit business who knew nothing about what was happening,” said Carrie Kerskie, an identity theft expert.

Of the businesses who fall victim to identity theft, 60 percent end up shutting down.

Here’s some tips to help prevent businesses from falling victim to identity theft:

  • Review the information submitted to
  • Obtain a business credit report at least once a year to ensure there’s no fraudulent charges.
  • Set up a Google alert for your company’s name.

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