School investigates game involving inappropriate, unwanted touching on campus

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Parents are demanding action from DeSoto County School Administrators for a game kids are playing. It involves inappropriate touching on campus.

Shasta Mott says her 8th grade daughter is a victim.

“She told me that the boys have been slapping her butt for a game called slap a** Friday,” Mott said.

Students have also reported another disturbing game where boys grab the girls’ chests.

Mott says when she found out, she immediately went to the school principal, who wasn’t convinced this was a problem on campus.

Mott says she then told her daughter to gather a list of other girls who had also been touched.

“Within two days she had a list of almost 60 girls,” Mott said.

Students and parents say they’re well aware of the game but say the school and the district are doing nothing to stop it.

“You have to teach these boys what boundaries are. You have to teach them that no means no. You have to teach them not to touch each other now in middle school because if not, if they don’t learn it now, when they get to high school, that’s when things get worse,” Mott said.

The district says they confirmed the list and investigated Mott’s claim as potential sexual harassment, but the complaint couldn’t be verified.

However, a call went out to parents to address the problem saying, “any games involving hitting, touching, slapping or pinching are not acceptable and students would have consequences.”

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