Record heat makes impact on mosquito, snake, gator presence

James Gathany / CDC / MGN

Critters are crawling throughout Collier County earlier than expected.

Rats, roaches, snakes, gators, and mosquitoes are making an appearance as the area experiences record-heat.

Deborah Arnold, a resident of Golden Gate Estates, expressed her frustration with the critters that have come to her area because of the heat.

“I mean this is supposed to be our coldest month and we’re having a heat wave,” Arnold said.

Mosquitoes and termites tend to come out in March and April, according to pest control experts.

“They tend to get dormant when temperatures get below 60, and when it’s consistently above that temperature, especially at night they eggs will start to hatch, and you’ll really see a lot of activity,” said Phillip Flannery, of Pest Control of Naples.

Sarah Cox, a Golden Gate Estates resident, noticed mosquitoes and kept her children inside.

“It’s aggravating because it cuts a lot of their time out with playing, and he can go outside and he gets bit and swells up so bad a lot of times I don’t let him out,” Cox said.

Heat also tends to speed up pollen production, which makes flowers bloom earlier than usual, according to experts. It contributes to onset allergies.

“Right now we’re just trying to keep all of our crevices closed up noting is coming in,” Arnold said.

Area residents need to be aware of snakes and alligators who prefer warmer weather and tend to become more active as temperatures increase.

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