Stabilizing Steps makes a trip to the beach easier for those with mobility issues

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A new device is helping seniors get to the beach to enjoy their time and family, and it was invented right here in Southwest Florida.

Stephanie Gomez is the co-founder of Stabilized Steps, a product helps making a trip to the beach easier for those with mobility issues.

Barbara Church uses it and says ““It’s probably the first time in 25 years I’ve walked in sand.”

Eryk Hardwick, invented the product, “It started out as a way to help a man out, because he couldn’t enjoy the day.”

Linda Kebelis tried it for herself, using the patented invention to get in and out of the water at Lowdermilk Park in Naples, where beach wheelchairs are offered for those who need them, but don’t go quite far enough.

Kebelis said, “You really need to have something there that is stable. … Everybody tries to be cautious, but cautious doesn’t always help you.”

But don’t go quite far enough.

And not only is it good for the beach, it actually works really well in the snow, because the attachments are similar to skies.

Because falls are the leading cause of death or injury for older americans.

This invention takes away some of that fear, something Hardwick and Gomez say they’re proud to have started right here in southwest florida.

“It’s been amazing. It’s been life changing,” Gomez said.

The company has sold about 130 of the steps and hope to take the product nationwide to help prevent thousands of potential future falls.

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